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Our approach to Business and Management services is that of Coaching and as part of the coaching framework, we respect…

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Technical Service outsourcing has proved to be the most cost-effective solution for the most of the global companies. With the…

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  • Developing a Mindset of Business Owner

    Free Webinar

    Date: 9th February, 2019

    Time: 11.00 am IST

    Duration: 30 minutes

    Register for the webinar. https://bit.ly/2ArwSuz

  • Walk the Talk on “Developing Business Owners Mindset”

    8th Dec 2018 – Walk the Talk on “Developing Business Owners Mindset”

  • Coaching Session on Business Planning

    15th Dec 2018- Coaching Session on Business Planning


  • He is one for best Leader, mentor and coach I met during my professional journey so far. His motivational style is unique and he understands the behavioral science while building teams and motivating them for common goals. He is a strong leader who can take care of any difficult business scenario and has ability to turn difficulties into growth opportunities. I have enjoyed his all his training sessions on various topics and they have enriched my knowledge. His knowledge in Business Planning, Change Management, Business Sustenance, Team Building, Business Communications is commendable

     ( Associate Director, Cognizant)

    Mr. Sameer Inamdar
  • It’s enriching experience to know a phenomenal person an unconventional leader in business operation domain, who commands great deal of respect from his subordinates, peers, colleagues, business leaders across geography. He is a reservoir of Know-how, a thorough read professional and a great thinker. He has impressed us with his knowledge of international business, cross boundary transactions & how to enter inside Canadian market. His sensitivity to deal with diversity of people shows his magnitude to trade off in multicultural environment. His ability to shift gears displays his aptness to handle exigencies meticulously.He literally stands tall amongst his contemporaries, yes he does !!!

    (Co-Founder & Executive Director– Techpanacea & Intreden Exim)

    Mr. Irrfann Aawate
  • One Word as a Prelude : LEADER BEYOND BOUNDARIES

    There are few people in the world who have the accumen of keeping their cool, managing situations with no compromise on quality, goals and results. Biman is undoubtedly one of such individuals. His administrative skills are outstanding, his attention to details and vision for his group and the organization has always resulted in positive traits and developments. I have been blessed to be with him for a long time, looking at him from a hair line distance, the way he works , the way he details, the way he plans, the way he sets goals for himself and his subordiates, the way he montiors and the way he apprises astounds me. A balanced personality, cool at all times, his management has been the best i have ever seen, give him whatever and success is already assured. He takes on challenges, puts in his heart, efforts and his ideas to infuse energy not only into the work but in all that are involved, vigorating team work working in unision to achieve the goals he has set, much beyond what the management expected. His technical capabilities coupled with leadership skills and outstanding administration powress make a killing combination. One has to see him work, though i am senior in age to him, i have always learned a lot from him and added few of those to my quiver. He is caring, cares for his people, their aspiration and their growth but at the same time candid in his feedback, he generates respect by virtue of his action and deeds, his people admire him out of respect and at the way he performs.

    I would recommend him to be “The Man” in leading any initiative, any new group or any new portfolio……..as success is guarenteed.

    (Sr. Director – Emerson Process Management India)

    Mr. Jayateerth Kulkarni